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Little girl in her twenties, mad about lots of things. Crazy, stupid, too inteligent for not being depressed half time, forget pain with cute things or alcohol instead. In love with Love, which is the best and the worst you can love at once. I'm just a mess.


Love: pink, cupcakes, lolita puffy frilly clothes, ribbons, sparkling stuff, girls' lips, boys hugs, starry skies, horror films, vodka, sex, sunbathe, BDSM, Skins, Glee, Harry Potter, AHS, New Girl, True Blood, blood, Tarantino, shibari, Beatnik literature, steampunk, Sherlock, gore, The Hunger Games, chivalry, sunny windy days, wellington boots, pics, food

I started using hipster glasses before hipsters did.


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tea party~
Pictures by victorianme


How to Speak French with Camille Rowe

meganejerk said: I have always called it making biscuits I legit thought that was like a universal term for it actually. I don't much understand it, I've never made biscuits that way but, that's just how cats do.


Maybe they know it’s the secret to awesome biscuits (lol)!



Aw, Beyoncé gave Nicki Minaj a gift yesterday at the VMAs. Queens.

Kaya Scodelario + Arnie (her dog)

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